Frog, anyone? – May 2008

Shot of the Month – May 2008

Let me share one of my fondest safari memories.

It was a special day in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.  You would never believe that it was the desert—It was the rainy season and the desert had transformed itself into this wonderfully lush, WET, bountiful oasis.

On this day we counted 64 Black-backed Jackals!  They were all in high spirits since the rains had unleashed an eruption of frogs from underneath the ground.  The jackals were having a feast.

And that leads us to this photo.

We found 6 jackals running along, with one jackal carrying this massive African bullfrog.  It was clear that none of the jackals really wanted this bullfrog.  One jackal would put him down.  Another would come over and reluctantly pick him up.  Their instincts told them that they simply couldn’t leave such a meal behind.  But they had soooo much food around them; they didn’t really need the bullfrog.

So we laughed each time one jackal would put the frog down, sheepishly, while another would come over pick it up in his mouth and run with it a bit.

Finally, when no one was looking the last jackal put the bull frog down and the pack ran off.

Amazingly, the bull frog had survived the ordeal and hopped off no worse for wear.

Until next month….:-)