• Yowza!

  • Congratulations,We celebrate once more this awesome work.We are proud to be associated with you.

    • Michael


      • Robert

        Hi Michael, great to see you’ve continued with the photography and as good as they were 10 years ago, they’re even more powerful now. Just wanted to let you know I framed one of the photos I bought from you 10 years ago and gave it to my mom for her 96th birthday. She absolutely was blown away. Hope you and Nicki are doing great out West.

  • Mone

    Looks GREAT!!!

    • Michael


  • Tasha Gill


  • Julie Dargis

    You are amazing! Congrats on getting the website up.

  • Freddie Mantchombe

    Real Michael’s true colors! Great work dude

    • Michael

      thanks buddy..

  • Kelly (Your FAVORITE Neice)

    AWESOME photographs! You are amazing

  • Ada

    Incredible ability in capturing wonderful wildlife moments! Congratulations!

  • I have never seen such precision and focused photographs except in National Geographic Magazine. I think you are more than a professional photographer.Congratulations!

    • Michael

      Thanks Nini, I appreciate it.

  • niki kohn

    you sure have some beautiful images!
    i’m a new fan!!

  • Beth mercer

    Your images are utterly stunning Michael – absolutely beautiful. Am totally blown away! Looking forward to seeing some Yellowstone ones.. Beth (friend of Nikki’s)

  • These are spectacular photos. Great work.

  • Zhang lifan

    Great! I like wildlife also.

  • Tahmina Jahan Imran

    all the pictures are awesome! Specially those with sunset, i love them! 🙂

  • Huang Wei

    These photos are amazing!! When Karin said you are a nature photographer, I didn’t expect your photos are real professional level!!

  • Tanya Dodge

    Ted and I very much enjoy your photographs and the stories about them.

  • Jeanne

    Beautifull work! Best wishes for your position with the Snow Leopards.

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