• Yowza!

  • Congratulations,We celebrate once more this awesome work.We are proud to be associated with you.

    • Michael


  • Mone

    Looks GREAT!!!

    • Michael


  • Tasha Gill


  • Julie Dargis

    You are amazing! Congrats on getting the website up.

  • Freddie Mantchombe

    Real Michael’s true colors! Great work dude

    • Michael

      thanks buddy..

  • Kelly (Your FAVORITE Neice)

    AWESOME photographs! You are amazing

  • Ada

    Incredible ability in capturing wonderful wildlife moments! Congratulations!

  • I have never seen such precision and focused photographs except in National Geographic Magazine. I think you are more than a professional photographer.Congratulations!

    • Michael

      Thanks Nini, I appreciate it.

  • niki kohn

    you sure have some beautiful images!
    i’m a new fan!!

  • Beth mercer

    Your images are utterly stunning Michael – absolutely beautiful. Am totally blown away! Looking forward to seeing some Yellowstone ones.. Beth (friend of Nikki’s)

  • These are spectacular photos. Great work.

  • Zhang lifan

    Great! I like wildlife also.

  • Tahmina Jahan Imran

    all the pictures are awesome! Specially those with sunset, i love them! 🙂

  • Huang Wei

    These photos are amazing!! When Karin said you are a nature photographer, I didn’t expect your photos are real professional level!!

  • Tanya Dodge

    Ted and I very much enjoy your photographs and the stories about them.

  • Jeanne

    Beautifull work! Best wishes for your position with the Snow Leopards.

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