10 for 15 B&W

A couple of days ago I posted 10 of my favorite images from 2015.  There were all color photos. Here is a sample of 10 of my favorite black and white images from 2015.  Is that cheating?

Loon, Vermont (9616)#1  Loon Take Off

This actually is a color photo that lacks color.  This image was shot on a  foggy, early morning pond looking into the sun.  I love the back-lit water splash.






Moose, Maine (4745)#2  Moose in the Mist

Another early morning shot.  There was not much color to be seen at this hour and converting to B&W set a great mood.







Spider Web, Vermont (0374-01)#3  Spider Web

I shot this photo with a point-and-shoot camera.  I love the multi-layered, diagonal transition from pure white in the upper left corner to pure black in the lower right corner.






Loon, Vermont (7843-003)#4  Loon Love

Harsh light when I shoot this image.  But in B&W the image suddenly seems to become a timeless ode to familial love.  (Its more an ode to hungry teenager, but let’s not ruin the moment…)






Moose, Cape Breton (2258)#5  Moose On The Trail

I like how this young moose really seems to pop in 3D with the different focal planes of the shot.




















Waxwing, Vermont (7443)#6  Waxwing Love

These birds were harshly back-lit and I almost didn’t take the shot.  But then I realized what a great silhouette it would make.  Glad I saw the light before it was too late….so to speak.






Waxwing, Vermont (9659)#7  Waxwing Love, part 2

Another pair of courting waxwings.  I shot this image while lying on the ground and supporting my 600 mm lens on my raised knees.  I had to shoot through many layers of leaves and branches.  I love the resulting effect.  Stealing a secret moment among the trees…





Alligator, Florida (3890)#8  Alligator

Really harsh mid-day light.  Converting to B&W really brings out the menace in this alligator.




















Blue Heron, Vermont (1472-001)#9  Ruffled Heron

I like the mixture of different hues and textures.  A lovely dreamscape…








Willet, Florida (8279-001)#10  Pedestal

I like how the bird really pops against the background.




















Bonus Images for making it to the end:


Loon, Vermont (7979-001)#11  Peek-A-Boo

More loon love.





















Lighthouse, Acadia National Park (1627)#12  Edge of the World

I love the color version of this image.  I converted it to B&W on a whim and to my surprise I like this version very much also.  The sky and ocean merge into one as the lighthouse beacons at the edge of the world.